Take the hard work out of visualizing your data

Design, deploy and share your plots and charts

What we do...

If you need a simple Bar Chart or an interactive Sankey diagram...we can help. Go check out our examples and see what you can do with Grafl.

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Simple API...

It’s as easy as pie! Grafl is built using Plotly’s open-source graphing libraries. Generate interactive graphs or export static plots in SVG and PNG formats.

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Build online...

Why not have a go with Grafl’s Online Editor. Just define your plot in JSON. It’s super simple, and we’ve loads of examples.

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Have a go...

Change the data in this simple chart builder below and click the Run button to see the results. If you want to see more, we’ve loads of examples that can be used as a starting point for your charts. Simply copy the data into our online editor and start customizing.

Share with anyone

Sharing a plot is as simple as sharing a URL. Pass your Grafl data as JSON in GET request parameters and get a plot back in the response. Just try clicking the link below...

https://grafl.io/api/?g={"figure":{"plots":[{"base":{"type":"bar","x":["Trains","Planes","Automobiles"]},"traces":[{"data":{"name":"Bob","y":[20,4,32],"marker_color":"skyblue"}},{"data":{"name":"Jane","y":[14,9,29],"marker_color":"steelblue"}}]}],"layout":{"showlegend":true,"title_text":"Holiday travel","title_x":0.5,"xaxis_title":"Modes of transport","yaxis_title":"Count"}}}

If you need to embed a plot on a webpage...or send more data, that’s also simple...Check out the Grafl User Guide and see how to render to an iframe or POST more data.